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Why We Do It

We are Irish, and very proud of our culture, heritage and beautiful country. It is a country that has had many dark days, but it is now peaceful and welcoming. We know that there are millions of people in the USA and Canada who celebrate their Irish descent, and we want to encourage the ancestors of those who left to come back and renew their heritage, experience this unique culture and tap back into their roots.
Many of our students are the first family members to return to Ireland since their ancestors were forced to emigrate, and their return here, healthy, educated and curious is the very happy ending to the story of the emigrants.
We want to provide a very happy experience here, and encourage those who are Irish, or appreciate Irish Culture to come here when they are young, and make friends here, get to know and understand this lovely island. Everybody wins. Many of our alumni have returned here with family and friends, many parents have visited, and we know and remember every one of our families. Many of us have visited our alumni when we have travelled to America.
Adventure Ireland is a large, extended network of friends, and we run our camps with an unmatched passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

Niamh Hamill

The Director of Adventure Ireland is Niamh Hamill, B.Ed, M.A. She is currently a Ph.D candidate in Irish History and Culture at Drew University in New Jersey.
Niamh (pronounced NEEVE) designs and delivers the academic and cultural content of the program, and is a natural teacher and mentor. She has helped Adventure Ireland deliver the Irish Way program for the Irish American Cultural Institute, and hosted many faculty-lead trips from US schools and colleges.
Adventure Ireland has twice been awarded the ‘Welcome Ireland’ Award from the Irish Tourist Board, and is also Ireland’s largest and busiest outdoor education centre and surf school. It is the only high school camp to Ireland that is based 100% in Ireland and administrated by Irish staff on a full-time basis.
Niamh and her staff know all of the best places – many off the beaten tourist track, and we know that hundreds of teenagers have had the time of their lives during our program.
We are the experts in Irish cultural programs for all ages. Whether you’re interested in Irish history and culture, or surfing one of the best spots in Europe, we have the perfect trip for you! Contact Us!

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