Internship Program Structure & Amenities

Interns’ first week will be spent as a cultural introduction to Ireland, giving them a chance to settle in and make friends.

In weeks 2-11, interns will be placed in a local business in a particular area of work.  Each intern is require to work sixteen hours per week minimum.  Weekends are yours for exploring, traveling, and enjoying all Ireland has to offer.

Interns will be provided accommodation (with all utilities) and bus transfers to/from the airport.

Cost: $3500 USD

Areas of Interest

Tourism & Hospitality

Bundoran is famous for its surf and is home to many hotels, hostels and surf schools.

Interns can learn hostel management, surfing school intern (office position or store/repair/maintenance of equipment), surfing school groundskeeper (outside maintenance), or restaurant service.

Bundoran is also home to many wonderful restaurants.  Interns can gain experience as a chef, pastry cook, kitchen-hand, bartenders, or restaurant service.


Bundoran has a day care nursery, an elementary school and a high school.  Interns can assist teachers with playgroup/day care, elementary school (ages 5-12), or high school (ages 13-18).


Bundoran is the home to a multi-plex cinema.  Interns would be learning and experiencing all aspects of running a popular business.

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